Equine Resource Guide

Horses Help is excited to partner with the Equine Resource Guide for the 2020 year. 

Thank you Prudhomme Family!

On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff of Horses Help, we are honored to be transitioning the Arizona Equine Resource Guide to the Horses Help brand.  It is a heartfelt journey that takes the hard work and dedication of one Arizona Family and preserves their legacy.  Cathleen Prudhomme and her family have invested 14 years establishing an important brand within the equine community.   We were honored to have been selected by the family to enhance and preserve their legacy.  We are especially grateful to be a part of a volunteer community that has the talent and passion for taking this resource guide project and creating a way to enhance the importance of this periodical.

Thank you to Horses Help Talented Volunteer Team who had the vision to make this a reality: Ashley, Elissa, and the rest.

This acquisition is strategic in Horses Help becoming self sustaining and reaching our goals as an organization.   It provides additional funding for scholarship, education and professional growth.  In short, Horses Help expands our leadership position within our industry and community.

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The Equine Resource Guide® was founded by Cathleen Prudhomme and her daughter, Rachel, in 2007. During her high school years, Rachel volunteered at a therapeutic riding center, and trained her rescued horse to be a therapeutic riding horse.  When she went away to college, she leased her gelding to the center for one dollar per year, so that he would continue to be utilized for the benefit of others while she was away.  Rachel became a social worker after graduation, and eventually an attorney specializing in family law.  She has always had a strong belief in the therapeutic and societal benefits of equines.  It was very important to her that the guide they created would promote horse rescues and therapeutic riding centers through free advertising each year.  Cathleen and Rachel are now very excited that Horses Help will publish this year's edition. They are grateful for the opportunity to leave a legacy that both serves the Arizona horse community, and at the same time provides future funding for very worthwhile and important non-profit programs."

Cathleen Prudomme, Founder of The Equine Resource Guide Est. 2007

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It provides additional funding for scholarship, education and professional growth. In short, Horses Help expands our leadership position within our industry and community

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